Terms & Conditions

2018 Terms & Conditions

  1. PRICES. This list supersedes all other price lists. Cooler Concepts, Inc. reserves the right to change prices and equipment specifications without notice. All quotations for equipment shall be void if not accepted within 30 days. All prices shown/quoted are in USD.
  2. DELIVERY. Shipping or delivery date is approximate. Seller will not be liable for failure to deliver due to strikes, supplier’s delays, changes requested by buyer or any causes beyond Cooler Concepts Inc. control (i.e. weather related).
  3. SHIPMENTS. When possible, requested carrier will be used. Cooler Concepts Inc., however, reserves the right to ship via any responsible carrier. Shipping charges are payable by consignee and any claims arising as to such charges shall be resolved between the carrier and consignee. All prices are F.O.B. factory.
  4. DAMAGE. Claims for damage in transit must be made by the consignee with the carrier. Cooler Concepts, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damages while in transit.
  5. TAXES. Federal, state, city sales or use taxes are not included with these prices.
    1. STOCK ITEMS. All cancelled orders and returned goods will be assessed a minimum of 25% cancellation or restocking charge. Merchandise may not be returned without written authorization from the Seller. Requests for return must be made within 90 days after shipment. Return authorizations issued are valid for 30 days. Products must be returned in their original factory packaging with freight prepaid. They shall not have been used and must be in the same condition as originally shipped by Cooler Concepts, Inc.
    2. NON-STOCK ITEMS. Orders for custom or modified units cannot be cancelled or returned.
    3. Any change orders submitted after the purchase order has been received and acknowledged are subject to redesign fee of $125.00 per hour and price change reflecting the revised layout
  7. All orders not shipped within 90 days of order date are subject to storage charges and/or price increases.
  8. WARRANTY. See warranty page within this document for Cooler Concepts, Inc. warranty details.
  9. Possession of price list does not constitute intent to sell.
  10. Storage charges are applicable to any order that does not ship within two weeks of completion. Charges are calculated at $25.00 per week per skid.

Special Considerations

  1. FREIGHT CLASSIFICATIONS. All shipments are class 70.
    1. NOTE: Classifications are based on the use of Cooler Concepts, Inc. specified carriers. Third party classifications and rates may vary
  2. STORAGE CHARGES. Completed orders placed on shipping hold are subject to a storage charge of $20.00 per piece per week.
  3. MINIMUM INVOICE AMOUNT. A minimum invoice of $50.00 applies to all orders.
  4. CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. Cooler Concepts, Inc. proudly accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Preplanned Beer Cooler Shelving Systems

This literature is based on an average of walk-in manufacturers’ specifications and may not fit your line’s Quick Ship cooler sizing. When specifying PBCS shelving packages, please consider the actual dimensions shown in the pricing guide prior to submitting quotes/purchase orders. The prices and information presented are solely for contracted Cooler Concepts sales representatives and are fixed for the specific shelving layout in question. Pricing, availability and lead times are null and void if any changes are to be made to a PBCS package.
Cooler Concepts, Inc. reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice. Please check with factory to confirm most current pricing.


Cooler Concepts, Inc. Products (the “Company”) warrants to the original purchaser and any subsequent owner that its shelving solutions, at the time of delivery, will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Cooler Concepts, Inc. will bear the reasonable and customary labor expense to repair or replace any component part (including said part) found to be defective under the terms and conditions as outlined under Cooler Concepts, Inc.’s standard warranty. The warranty is in force for ten (10) years, from date of shipment from factory, but not longer than ten (10) years from Cooler Concepts, Inc. invoice date. Any claim for defects occurring must furnish proof that installation date did occur within six (6) months of Cooler Concepts, Inc. invoice date. The purchaser and any subsequent owner will have the sole responsibility and bear all expenses of removing and returning the defective part or equipment. Cooler Concepts, Inc. will reimburse said labor expenses to the original purchaser only if after evaluating the original service invoice submitted by the original purchaser and any subsequent owner Cooler Concepts, Inc. determines that this warranty applies. The labor warranty shall apply only to equipment installed by authorized or approved Cooler Concepts, Inc. factory trained installers. The labor warranty does not cover the cost (parts or labor) of installation. To submit a claim, you must have a Cooler Concepts, Inc. serial number.
Any defects caused by misapplication, abnormal use or misuse, lack of or improper maintenance, damage by third parties, alterations, acts of God; failure to follow installation, maintenance or safety instructions or any other event beyond the control of the Company will not be covered under this Warranty.
The obligation of Cooler Concepts, Inc. shall be limited to repairing or replacing (at the option of the Company) any part, which is defective in the reasonable opinion of the Company. The cost of service labor reimbursed will be based on straight-time rate and reasonable time for the repair of the defect.

In no event shall the Company be liable for loss of use, revenue or profit or for any other indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages including, but not limited to, food spoilage or product loss. This warranty shall apply only within the continental United States, it territories and possessions, and Canada.

Cooler Concepts, Inc. reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice. Please check with factory to confirm most current pricing.