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Stoney Point Grill


Project Name: Stoney Point Bar & Grill

Year Completed: 2016

Point of Specification: KRD

Profiles Utilized: NLRLD2CS / NLS / DKSRCS

Cooler Size: 88″ W x 172″ D x 95″ H

Storage Capacity: 44+ Kegs / 156 Cases / 16.6 Sq. ft. Misc. Bottle Storage

Brad Banaszak, owner of Stoney Point Grill, contacted us because he had very limited space for his new cooler and substantial storage requirements. This restaurants’ problems were trying to keep 20 beers on tap, and 150+ cases of beer and wine organized and cold at the same time. With our No Lift Shelf, we could place 38 of the 44 kegs along the floor to minimize the danger to employees that comes from lifting kegs. The remaining 6 kegs were stored in the back corner for the six slower moving flavors. It features the tapped keg in front and a backup behind it. This way the employee only picks up a 30 pound empty keg. The packaged beer is stored above on a raised shelf while allowing 18 inches of space for easy access and placement of the beer controls. The miscellaneous bottle storage was directly above the kegs along the floor with case products above. Problems solved!

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