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New England’s Tap House Grille

This project was brought to us by Ed Ramshaw, the owner of Blue Line Draft Systems.  His request was for us to design a shelving system to handle 50 beers on tap at the New England’s Tap House Grille.  The design features a mixed storage capacity on and below the keg shelf of (38+) 1/2 bbls kegs, (14)+ 1/6’s kegs, and 56 beer cases with additional miscellaneous bottle storage above on the third tier shelf.  With a constant rotation of 12 of the 50 handles the solution needed to be flexible for the constant changes in keg sizes required.

There are 3 sides of the cooler with glass viewing windows from the dining room to present the main focus of their craft beer centric restaurant.  The solution gives Dave the operator a great look for his customers while allowing for plenty of accessible storage and great flexibility for his draft products.  Even with the additional third tier storage, there is still ample room to get to all the beverage controls with them wall mounted below the top shelf height of 66 inches from the floor.

In March of 2016, we received the 2nd request from ED for a unique storage rack for long term storage/aging of kegs and bottles.  This cooler is located in the newest space next to New England’s Tap House Grille. This shelving solution features angled shelves, similar to diamond patterned wine bottle storage, which hold the smaller vessels on their side.  The larger 1/2 bbls kegs are stored on the floor below the shelf.  It creates a unique viewing experience for the customers by being able to see this cooler’s innovative keg storage solution.

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