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Draftcade – Kansas City

We were contact by Todd Leinenbach for some help with his latest concept Draftcade, a bar with a large number of taps and many arcade games. He was trying to size the beer cooler that he would be building, and it needed to support 60 taps and numerous cases of craft beer.

With our modular shelving system and multiple keg shelf lengths, we fit enough kegs in the designated space that he was able to decrease the cooler’s footprint roughly 22% from the original size of 7′-8″W x 24’D. This provided Todd with extra space to the long-term storage in an adjoining room for games not in rotation. The cooler’s final interior dimensions are 6’W x 24’D x 10’H. Total storage of the cooler’s final design was 53+ kegs, 58 slim kegs, and 96+ cases.

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