The Double Deep Keg Shelf Specs

Our Double Deep Keg Shelf is the only shelf of this depth (33″) on the market. This shelf was developed in response to unsafe practices we found throughout Chicago’s bars. For example, many bars were creating their own version of a double deep by putting two catalog type shelves back to back and holding them together with muffler clamps. That is several accidents waiting to happen! With our one continuous shelf, built as a single shelving unit, kegs can be moved around without the chances of hanging up on a midpoint and without the possibility of the shelves shifting or twisting against each other. This makes our shelf the safest and sturdiest option. When used as a main level shelf it allows for two kegs deep on the shelf and two kegs directly underneath. With the Double Deep Keg Shelf, you can get twice as many tappable kegs in the same area safely so there are no more stacking kegs, or having kegs sit outside the cooler waiting to be rotated in.