Beverage Panels

These panels are the solution to problems most people weren’t even aware existed in their walk-in cooler – that is until they see these. Or for those who did realize, but couldn’t find a solution – this is what you’ve been looking for!   This group of products is made to eliminate several problems that previously no one had an answer for.

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • You have too much cooler, but still not enough wall space for all the beverage controls and kegs.
  • The beverage control panels from the beer system installer are too hard to reach when changing a keg or when doing beer line maintenance.
  • You can’t use the third level of a shelf system because the beverage controls would be blocked by it.

If so, we’ve got your solution:

The Raised Panel

The Front Facing Panel

The EZ Reach Panel

Off The Wall Beverage Panel