Custom Shelving Solutions


When it comes to creating a safer work environment, the shelf is critical. With sturdy beer cooler racks, you can eliminate the dangerous situation of having kegs stacked atop one another. By providing a specific location in the cooler for each product, the cooler can be used efficiently and the aisles will be kept clear. An organized cooler with clear aisles results in fewer walk-in beer cooler accidents. Did you know that just one cooler-related accident can raise your workers compensation premiums by 33% over a period of three years? With our beer cooler racks and shelving solutions, you can greatly reduce the risk of accident by putting the faster moving products below the shelf and the slower products on the main shelf. With a specific location for each product, you can allow for faster inventory checks in the cooler and avoid your employees having to handle the product as often. Additionally, the beer deliveryman will be able to refill the products on the shelves, and your employees will only have to lift an empty 30 pound keg, rather than a full 160 pound keg.
With our shelving options and designs, we can increase your current storage capacity up to 40% over the other catalog type shelving options. The result is more kegs and cases stored in the same area safely, while still keeping your products accessible. With more space for product you can hold per delivery, you can boost your buying power. The combination of reduced exposure for cooler related injuries and lower insurance costs give your bottom line a lift! For more information regarding our beer cooler racks, please give us a call today!
Shelving Highlights

  • All mig-welded steel construction, providing safer platform for kegs to sit on
  • Hot dipped galvanized after fabrication
  • Customizable to the inch
  • Innovative designs and features
  • Increase the number of tappable kegs   without buying a new cooler
  • Increases storage capacity up to 40% over catalog type shelving
  • Can reduce the projected size footprint of a cooler up to 40 % in a new project
  • Eliminates up to 90% of all dead storage space in cooler
  • Specified locations for products; keg or case
  • Safer work environment and clear aisles are maintained