Custom Layout & Design

.Creating a custom floor plan design is a key part of the consultation for each project.   For each comprehensive solution, Cooler Concepts provides a unique layout for your walk-in beer cooler.   This personalized layout shows how we can increase the storage capacity up to 40%, organize your products more efficiently, allow for more accessible storage, and create a safer work environment.   Throughout the consultation, we continue to build off the layout to identify product locations, beer system control locations, and cooler usage procedures.

Typical catalog shelving is available in only four widths: 2 kegs wide (42″), 3 kegs wide (60″), 4 kegs wide (80″), and 5 kegs wide (93″).   Most of these shelves are roughly 18″ deep, allowing only one row of kegs per shelf.   When using these shelves in your cooler, you have to design your cooler around them.   At Cooler Concepts, we design our shelves around your cooler.

Big or small – We fit ’em all.

The Bar example: in a common 7’9″ w x 10′ d O.D. existing walk-in cooler (85″w x 112″d I.D.) with the door on center of the 85″ wall leaving 25″ returns to the right and left of the 34 inch door. With catalog type shelving the best you can hope for is 10 kegs on shelving (one 18″ x 93″ unit) along both of the 112″ walls with a dead space of 19″ at each end. Where the walls meet the floor there is usually a radius corner or a 3/4″ cove molding from the floor tile that prohibits several storage scenarios using catalogue type shelving.

Take the same cooler with the same dimensions, but apply Cooler Concepts’ single deep shelving.   In the same workable area we would provide a u-shaped perimeter shelf you would be able to store 12 kegs along each wall with 30 cases above.   With our bolt between shelf at the back wall allowing 4 more kegs, your storage capacity is now 28 tappable kegs and 60 cases. That’s a gain of 8 kegs (a 40 % increase), while still keeping all products accessible and maintaining a working aisle of 34″!

For a new cooler, just moving the door 6″ to one side and reducing its width to 30″, you can have a return of 36″ on one side and 19″ on the other.   With this design, we can store 36 kegs and 72 cases in the same sized cooler!!

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