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Patio Keg Room with 6FT Display Window

One of the equipment dealers that we work with, TriMark United East, had requested a keg rack solution for their new project Branch Line in Watertown, MA. The keg room is located outdoors against the patio, while still attached to the building with access from the inside. The keg storage however acts as a point of interest for the customers sitting on the nearby patio by incorporating a 6′ wide window to view the taps and kegs. At night the cooler lights glow almost like a fireplace, providing ambiance and an interesting view. One trick with windowed coolers is that there needs to be specific placement of products so as to not inhibit the view into the cooler or look cluttered inside. To limit potential obstructions on the windowed wall, we placed the top shelf high enough above the window opening to allow for loose bottle storage while not immediately visible from the viewing side.

Branch Line keg cooler as viewed from the patio

Opposite, on the far wall we utilized our Double Deep Keg Shelf (DKS) with a 24″ deep case shelf at 73-1/2″ above the floor. By providing enough functional room above the kegs, the case and bottle products can be stored with a clear organization. Below the case shelf is our EZ Reach Beverage Panel. It is a 10″ tall, low profile panel that makes it easier to reach the controls. Also, it enables a clean looking installation of the beer system, which is great for glass display keg coolers.

If you are planning a display cooler for your bar or restaurant, give us a call to make sure that your keg cooler looks and operates the very best that it can.

EZ Reach Beverage Panel suspended over Double Deep Keg Shelf

Night Shift Brewing’s upgrade

Kris Crowell of Modern Draught contacted us for a brewery, Night Shift Brewing – Everett, MA, that he was providing a retro-fit of their beer system and keg cooler storage. The cooler’s dimensions were 9′-4″W x 13′-4″D x 6′-10″H, and would be servicing 24 taps and a small amount of food/mixes on a stand alone wire rack. Kris prefered to incorporate the beer system controls onto the Double Deep keg shelving with our Front Facing Beverage Panels. The final outcome is a clean and well detailed beer cooler. With room for 66 kegs worth of storage, Night Shift Brewing will definitely have plenty of room for all of their 24 taps going forward.

Double Deep Keg Shelf with Front Facing Beverage Panel at Night Shift Brewing.
Night Shift Brewing’s beer controls mounted to Cooler Concepts’ Front Facing Panels.

Draftcade – Kansas City

We were contact by Todd Leinenbach for some help with his latest concept Draftcade, a bar with a large number of taps and many arcade games. He was trying to size the beer cooler that he would be building, and it needed to support 60 taps and numerous cases of craft beer. With our modular shelving system and multiple keg shelf lengths, we fit enough kegs in the designated space that he was able to decrease the cooler’s footprint roughly 22% from the original size of 7′-8″W x 24’D. This provided Todd with extra space to the long-term storage in an adjoining room for games not in rotation. The cooler’s final interior dimensions are 6’W x 24’D x 10’H. Total storage of the cooler’s final design was 53+ kegs, 58 slim kegs, and 96+ cases.

New England’s Tap House Grille

This project was brought to us by Ed Ramshaw, the owner of Blue Line Draft Systems.  His request was for us to design a shelving system to handle 50 beers on tap at the New England’s Tap House Grille.  The design features a mixed storage capacity on and below the keg shelf of (38+) 1/2 bbls kegs, (14)+ 1/6’s kegs, and 56 beer cases with additional miscellaneous bottle storage above on the third tier shelf.  With a constant rotation of 12 of the 50 handles the solution needed to be flexible for the constant changes in keg sizes required.


There are 3 sides of the cooler with glass viewing windows from the dining room to present the main focus of their craft beer centric restaurant.  The solution gives Dave the operator a great look for his customers while allowing for plenty of accessible storage and great flexibility for his draft products.  Even with the additional third tier storage, there is still ample room to get to all the beverage controls with them wall mounted below the top shelf height of 66 inches from the floor.


In March of 2016, we received the 2nd request from ED for a unique storage rack for long term storage/aging of kegs and bottles.  This cooler is located in the newest space next to New England’s Tap House Grille. This shelving solution features angled shelves, similar to diamond patterned wine bottle storage, which hold the smaller vessels on their side.  The larger 1/2 bbls kegs are stored on the floor below the shelf.  It creates a unique viewing experience for the customers by being able to see this cooler’s innovative keg storage solution.

Old Town Pour House – Naperville, IL


We have recently completed work on Bottleneck Management’s 4th installment of their Old Town Pour House (OTPH) brand with our dealer Stuever & Sons. Once again the concept has 90 flavors of beer on tap. With the shelving installed in the cooler, there is room for 208+ tappable kegs to support the number of beer taps.

New Regional Representatives

We, at Cooler Concepts, would like to welcome the following Regional Representatives to the CCI Family. Here’s to a productive and profitable future for all!
Region 1 – New England
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut

Region 8 – Southeast Central
Georgia, Tennessee
Region 12 – Upper Mid-Central
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Region 14 – Mid-Central
Missouri, South of I-74 including Springfield and Champaign, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas

Cafe Hollander Tosa Village – Wauwatosa, WI

This is our third project for the fine people of the Lowlands Group. They came to us with the problem of a mixed use cooler, at their Cafe Hollander Tosa Village location, that was hard to manage and organize. It was a bit short and the dunnage racks and shelving that were previously purchased just could not withstand the volume and weight of their keg beer selection.

Before installation

The solution for this project was our double deep keg shelf with light-duty top shelf at specifically designed heights to accommodate for keg dollies. Keg dollies will make it much easier to move kegs in order to clean under and around them. This was a specific inclusion. The dunnage racks that were previously used were short and hard to move with the weight of full kegs on them. In order to clean under or around them the cooler would have to be continually rearrange which is very time consuming and labor intensive. The keg dollies roll around with ease while supporting the full weight of a keg. The manager and head chef were excited to have an efficient and manageable cooler space to work in.

Solution in place

Stoney Point Grill – Mokena

Brad Banaszak, owner of Stoney Point Grill, contacted us because he had very limited space for his new cooler and substantial storage requirements.  This location has twenty beer flavors on tap, while keeping an inventory over 150 cases of bottled beer and wine in cold storage.

Right wall; No-Lift Keg Shelving Stoney Point Grill
Right wall; No-Lift Keg Shelving Stoney Point Grill
Left wall; EZ Reach beverage panel beneath a double deep No-Lift shelf
Left wall; EZ Reach beverage panel beneath a double deep No-Lift shelf

Of the 44 kegs in storage, 38 are maintained on the floor at all times minimizing the danger that comes from lifting kegs. The packaged beer is stored above while allowing enough space for the beer controls to be easily reached beneath.