Patio Keg Room with 6FT Display Window

Branch Line keg cooler as viewed from the patio

One of the equipment dealers that we work with, TriMark United East, had requested a keg rack solution for their new project Branch Line in Watertown, MA. The keg room is located outdoors against the patio, while still attached to the building with access from the inside.

The keg storage however acts as a point of interest for the customers sitting on the nearby patio by incorporating a 6′ wide window to view the taps and kegs. At night the cooler lights glow almost like a fireplace, providing ambiance and an interesting view. One trick with windowed coolers is that there needs to be specific placement of products so as to not inhibit the view into the cooler or look cluttered inside. To limit potential obstructions on the windowed wall, we placed the top shelf high enough above the window opening to allow for loose bottle storage while not immediately visible from the viewing side.

Opposite, on the far wall we utilized our Double Deep Keg Shelf (DKS) with a 24″ deep case shelf at 73-1/2″ above the floor. By providing enough functional room above the kegs, the case and bottle products can be stored with a clear organization. Below the case shelf is our EZ Reach Beverage Panel. It is a 10″ tall, low profile panel that makes it easier to reach the controls. Also, it enables a clean looking installation of the beer system, which is great for glass display keg coolers.

If you are planning a display cooler for your bar or restaurant, give us a call to make sure that your keg cooler looks and operates the very best that it can.

EZ Reach Beverage Panel suspended over Double Deep Keg Shelf
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